Hillarie Isackson

From my very first memories, I was drawn to the solace and connection that came with translating my world onto paper. It put me at peace, and as my talents flourished I entered into The Northwest College of Art where I would receive my BFA in Fine art and Design. With a constant drive to create, at that time I felt little direction, or real meaning behind why I was doing it. Teaching art at an elementary school in Germany was where I would fulfill my desire to travel the world, then shortly after I was a photographer in a studio downtown Seattle. However, dreams can spiral into hopelessness, and the struggle to survive stifled my ability to create. For years I tried to live my life gracefully handling the pressure, holding onto an idea that I might someday work hard enough to free myself from the weight of the world I was under.



“That which offers no resistance, overcomes the hardest substances. That which offers no resistance can enter where there is no space.” -Lau Tzu, Tao Ching


“That which offers no resistance, overcomes the hardest substances. That which offers no resistance can enter where there is no space.” -Lau Tzu, Tao Ching

In 2019 I felt that a shift was beginning to happen. Something felt wrong about the life I had created. I was so deep in the trenches of survival, that I had lost all purpose in what I was doing. Raising three children alone left me with the questions, how do I want them to know me? As someone who aggressively keeps up with this race I’m in, or somebody who truly lived their life in resonance with who they are? That question began a shift that allowed me the courage to begin truly evaluating my life. I began painting again, and found that there was something different about how I painted. It felt light, easy, natural, as though my hands were leading me to create the visions that were so clearly presenting themselves in my mind’s eye. Letting go of the fear to follow my path, suddenly put me on the river into my truest self. I took the plunge to let go of all that didn’t serve me to pursue what at the time seemed like an insane leap of faith.

I discovered that through the state of flow, I could transform the purpose of my life and in tandem transform the purpose of my art.

In 2020, like many of us, I chose hope and healing over fear. I rekindled the solace and connection that came from translating my world onto paper, and found a new meaning in doing it. I’ve learned that through the intention of creation, we all have the ability to transform and shift our reality. We can heal our pasts, and the people around us. Through sharing our creative work, we can inspire and shift our community.

With this understanding I began painting hundreds of hats, people’s beloved pets, murals and anything else that I could pour my heart into. Feeling into the energy of my subject, I strive to paint in such a way that allows the essence to pour through with a colorful palate while maintaining technique and style that is original to me.

Inspiring creativity is my truest purpose in life, and I’m excited to see how H Art studio grows and changes as I continue to create. I’m happy to be supporting artists in my community, and participating in ways to bring more art into the public. This is the beginning of a journey I am proud to be on. Thank you for having interest in my work.


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One of my main motivators is giving back and sharing, as well as executing art among the community here in Gig Harbor. With that, I have decided to combine the two and incorporate a small co-op studio. We all have talents to share and art comes in all forms, so it made since for me to create a space that not only showcased my art, but others creations and work as well. You can look forward to new artist displaying their art within the gallery every business quarter. Please come into the gallery to check out what we have to offer and to soak up the beauty and different displays that we have to offer to you!  



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